By sponsoring Baleware

To contribute to the costs of the organisation, publicity and invitations of keynote speakers and selected students, contributions by sponsors are very welcome, offering the following benefits:

  • The sponsor's logo will be on the BALEWARE  and ANSOLE websites for four months and will be printed in the abstract booklet and banners
  • A separate information inset from the sponsor will constitute part of the handout to the attendees
  • The sponsors will be acknowledged during the opening and closing sessions of the meeting through power point presentations
  • The sponsors can send two co-workers to attend the meeting without registration fees (valid for sponsorship above 2000 €).
  • Free space will be provided to showcase products and services (above 2000 €).
  • The sponsor will be mentioned at the end event proceedings, which will be published on our website and via our dissemination channels.
  • The sponsor can present its products and services through a 2 to 3 page article in ANSOLE e-Magazine
  • A special certificate of thanks stating the level of sponsorship will be issued:
  • Sponsor Sustainable: 30000 € and above
  • Sponsor Diamond: between 20000 and 29999 €
  • Sponsor Gold: between 10 000 and 19999 €
  • Sponsor Platinum: between 5000 and 9999€
  • Sponsor Silver: between 3000 and 4999 €
  • Sponsor Bronze: between 2000 and 2999 €
  • Sponsor Silicon: 1000 to 1999 €
  • Sponsor Hybrid 500 to 999 €
  • Sponsor Organic: up to 499 €

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