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Tlemcen (Algeria), Yaoundé (Cameroon), Nairobi (Kenya), and Ibadan (Nigeria)

The African Union Commission wishes to invite qualified and eligible applicants for the positions of the Director for four of the Pan African University Institutes located in Tlemcen (Algeria), Yaoundé (Cameroon), Nairobi (Kenya) and Ibadan (Nigeria) as well as for the position of Coordinator for the Pan African Virtual and E-university (PAVEU), Project Management Unit, located in Yaoundé, Cameroon. 

i. Water and Energy Sciences (including climate change) located at University of Tlemcen in Algeria for North Africa,

ANSOLE Organizes the Visit in Germany of 5 PAUWES Science Slam Winners 2015

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5 Masters students of PAUWES (Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change) Nicholas MUKISA (Uganda), Djamal Eddine BENHADJI-SERRADJ (Algeria), Nishimwe Clarisse NIBAGWIRE (Rwanda), Kay Nyaboe NYAKUNDI (Kenya) und Teddy Miller SAMO (Kenya), winners of the Science Slam Competition in 2015, visited Germany from the 20th to the 28th of May 2016. ANSOLE e.V. was commissioned by DLR e.V. to organize the visit.


Baleware initial bearers

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  • Dr. Maria Teresa Alarcon Herrera, Centro de Investigacion en Materiales Avanzados, Mexico
  • Prof.Emanuela Colombo, Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • Dr. Arouna Darga, University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France 
  • Prof. Aniekan Edet, University of Calabar, Nigeria
  • PD Dr. Daniel A. M. Egbe, initiator of BALEWARE, ANSOLE Coordinator, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
  • Prof. Bertrand Fillon, Laboratory for Innovation in New Energy, Technologies and Nanomaterials, CEA, France

Baleware Aims and scope

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Africa and Latin America have common issues related to water and renewable energy to be addressed by academia, industry, government and civil society organisations. This necessitates a platform of interactions of stakeholders from Africa, Europe and Latin America, that will be launched during the BALEWARE 2016 conference.



Baleware creation

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The Women in Africa foundation, true to its mission of contributing to the development of Africa through its women, is launching the second edition of the SCIENCE BY WOMEN programme with the aim to promote African women’s leadership in scientific research and technology transfer and to foster the capacity of the research centres in their home countries.

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University of Tlemcen, Algeria

The Pan African University (PAU) Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (including Climate Change) (PAUWES)  is located on the campus of the University of Tlemcen, Algeria. In partnership with the Algerian and German  government, the PAUWES Institute offers graduate students access to leading academic teaching, research and  hands-on training in areas vital to the future of African development – water, energy and the challenge of climate change.

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The MESPOM Consortium of six universities
– Lund University (Sweden), the University of Manchester (UK), Central European University (Hungary), the University of the Aegean (Greece), the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (USA), and the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) –
invites applications for the Masters course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) for 2016-2018.