Call for Applications for Long-Term Academic Staff at the Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences

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Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA

ACADEMIC STAFF: This document describes the duties and responsibilities of academic staff of Pan African University and is a binding document for each academic staff member. The responsibilities shall include some or all of the following: teaching, student advising, research and creative activities, service and administrative responsibilities. These responsibilities may include involvement in off-campus, evening or weekend duties, as well as student recruitment, retention, and placement efforts. There are additional position-specific duties that may change with each academic year, through discussions between staff and the Chair. The document also describes the positions and the salary scheme for each position.
As a guiding principle, each academic staff member is expected to promote a general spirit of Pan-Africanism, to nurture a “united Africa”-mindset supporting the sustainable development for a prosperous future of the African continent and to foster commitment for the continental development goals as laid down by the AU strategic goals and objectives.

Applications must be made through the AUC E-recruitment Website not later than 10th October 2015.
Directorate of Administration and Human Resource Management African Union