Baleware Aims and scope

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Africa and Latin America have common issues related to water and renewable energy to be addressed by academia, industry, government and civil society organisations. This necessitates a platform of interactions of stakeholders from Africa, Europe and Latin America, that will be launched during the BALEWARE 2016 conference. The foreseen scope of the conference includes training sessions for young researchers, academic presentations, panels discussing issues for policy makers and civil society organisations, a trade fair demonstrating industrial innovation potential and a brokerage session. Field visits to relevant projects or companies are also foreseen. BALEWARE was Initiated on the 29th of May 2015 at the Federal University of Parana, Curitiba Brazil, as a follow-up of the EU funded project NMP-DeLA on Deployment of Nanotechnology, Materials and Production Technologies for Health, Water and Energy in Latin America ( As such, BALEWARE will promote joint initiatives and research proposals on Energy and Water for succeeding in the incoming public funding such as Horizon 2020 and any potential private funding.