ANSOLE Organizes the Visit in Germany of 5 PAUWES Science Slam Winners 2015

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5 Masters students of PAUWES (Pan African University Institute of Water and Energy Sciences including Climate Change) Nicholas MUKISA (Uganda), Djamal Eddine BENHADJI-SERRADJ (Algeria), Nishimwe Clarisse NIBAGWIRE (Rwanda), Kay Nyaboe NYAKUNDI (Kenya) und Teddy Miller SAMO (Kenya), winners of the Science Slam Competition in 2015, visited Germany from the 20th to the 28th of May 2016. ANSOLE e.V. was commissioned by DLR e.V. to organize the visit. The visit was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Germany is a partner country of PAUWES. The students were accompanied during their 8 days visit by ANSOLE e.V. members Christian Beese, Steffi Beese and Daniel A. M. Egbe. 

The program of the visit was as follows:

20.05.: Arrival in Jena on the 50th birthday of D. A. M. Egbe, ANSOLE Coordinator.

21.05.: (1) City tour of Jena (Jena as the "city of light" and the birthplace of "planetarium" was demonstrated). (2) 50th birthday celebration of D.A. M. EGBE with display of solar cookers (importance of the use of solar cookers in fight against rapid deforestation in parts of Africa was explained to students and birthday participants)

22.05.: Visit of Concentration Camp Buchenwald (Germany\'s history!) and city tour of Weimar, the city of Schiller and Goethe (Germany\'s culture!)

23.05.: (1) Visit of the Technical University of Ilmenau (students were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Prof. Erich Runge and the rector of the University, Prof. Peter Scharff, and were informed about the on-going solar energy research at the University). (2) Visit of PV Crystalox Solar Silicon in Erfurt (a guided tour explaining the various steps in the production of silicon wafers was offered).(3) Visit of the Centre of Energy and Environmental Chemistry (CEEC) of the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena (the visitors were welcomed by the director of CEEC, Prof. Ulrich Schubert and were toured through the research facilities on organic solar cells and energy storage systems). (4) Convivial evening at MigraNetz Thüringen in Jena, the network of migrant associations in Thuringia (an exposé was made on the activities of network and on the situation of migrants in Thuringia. It was the most joyful evening as the students were served meals from Latin America and Germany and the atmosphere was full of jokes and laughter!)

24.05.: (1) Visit of the First German Solar Brewery "Felsenbräu" in Thalmannsfeld in Bavaria (the brewery owned by the Gloßner family uses renewable chopped wood and photovoltaics as energy source in the brewing process. The visitors were guided through the various brewing steps by Mr Gloßner Senior, the father of the CEO). (2) 5 hours stand-still on the highway to Munich due to two road accidents which led to 3 deaths. 

25.05.: (1) Visit of Allianz Arena in Munich (visit of the museum of Bayern Munich and a guided tour of the football stadium). (2) Registration at ICERE 2016 Conference in Munich.

26.05.: (1) Participation at the ICERE 2016 conference in Munich. (2) Evening tour of Munich city center.

27.05.: (1) Visit of a biogas plant situated at WGV recycling GmbH Quarzbichl in Eurasburg in Bavara (a guided tour was offered. This was "the highlight" of the visit because the students had won the Science Slam competition by demonstrating in a down-on-earth way the similarity between a biogas plant and the human digestive track in the production of biogas (2) Visit of a sustainable farmstead in Faistenberg close to Eurasburg (The owner of the farm Michael Frech explained the contribution of such farms in Bavaria to the German Energiewende).

A female journalist took part to the last two visits and wrote a report entitled "Lernen vom Klimaschutz in Bayern" (learning from climate protection in Bavaria) in the local newspaper.

28.05.: Departure from Munich to Algeria, Iceland and South Africa, where the students are working on their Masters theses.